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  This is a hands-on business and I have never found a single situation in which texting was efficacious for resolving or totally describing an issue. It works well to make an initial contact.


The shop is at 3321 Stoney Square just north of the San Antonio Airport.


I am really bad about photographing stuff so there are few records of the many hundreds of items that have been refinished and/or repaired. That is especially true of the things that have been done in a customer's home. If I don't photograph it, nobody else will.


In addition, some things just don't photograph very well. The subtle differences in the finish of a dining room table are difficult to present. It might drive a customer crazy but not show up in a photo.


The piece of furniture that most often shows up in the shop is a chair. Chairs are asked to do a lot of things and are subjected to the most stress. In addition, some chairs are just poorly designed. Style dominates over function with some manufacturers.

The Doll House

  By convoluted paths, we ended up with a job of restoring a doll house built in about 1895. It was used by two sisters and one of them had a really heavy hand with the paint brush and 'redecorated' it several times.

  If the equivalent paint were on a regular house, it would have been two inches thick in some places.

  It was evident that the great uncle who made it for his sister put a lot of love into it. The windows even operated once the huge amount of paint was gotten rid of.



The railings, both on the porch and upper balcony had to be removed to allow access to get rid of the many layers of paint.

This is where some of the paint would have been two inches thick if scaled up to a full-sized home.
One whole corner of the roof was missing.
This is it, finished. The colors are as close as possible to the original.
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