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  This is a hands-on business and I have never found a single situation in which texting was efficacious for resolving or totally describing an issue. It works well to make an initial contact.


The shop is at 3321 Stoney Square just north of the San Antonio Airport.


I am really bad about photographing stuff so there are few records of the many hundreds of items that have been refinished and/or repaired. That is especially true of the things that have been done in a customer's home. If I don't photograph it, nobody else will.


In addition, some things just don't photograph very well. The subtle differences in the finish of a dining room table are difficult to present. It might drive a customer crazy but not show up in a photo.


The piece of furniture that most often shows up in the shop is a chair. Chairs are asked to do a lot of things and are subjected to the most stress. In addition, some chairs are just poorly designed. Style dominates over function with some manufacturers.




  This is Carolina's cupboard that she wanted to turn into a project center. It was built by her father and she cherishes it.

  What is not evident in the picture is the fact that the crack or separation across the top and down the sides was almost complete and the unit had to be strapped together to be able to transport it.

  Repairs were made while it was still on the trailer to have some conficence that it could be moved into the shop in one piece.



The cupboard was mostly just scruffy and ugly from being in the garage for decades and she wanted to put it in the living room. Aside from the major repair to attach the front and rear halves of it, it required only very minor repairs.


    This is the finished cupboard. The top/work surface was stripped but there were so many layers of paint that one stripping was obviously not going to do it. It did, however, reveal every layer of paint over put on it along with bare wood in some places.

  Something just said that she would want to see it like that so she was called and came by after work. The immediate command was to stop right there. She loved it. It was cleaned up, sanded smooth, and a clear finish was put on that part of it. She had the history preserved.

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