Contact me, Blake Olson, at or call or text me 210-602-5736

  This is a hands-on business and I have never found a single situation in which texting was efficacious for resolving or totally describing an issue. It works well to make an initial contact.


The shop is at 3321 Stoney Square just north of the San Antonio Airport.


I am really bad about photographing stuff so there are few records of the many hundreds of items that have been refinished and/or repaired. That is especially true of the things that have been done in a customer's home. If I don't photograph it, nobody else will.


In addition, some things just don't photograph very well. The subtle differences in the finish of a dining room table are difficult to present. It might drive a customer crazy but not show up in a photo.


The piece of furniture that most often shows up in the shop is a chair. Chairs are asked to do a lot of things and are subjected to the most stress. In addition, some chairs are just poorly designed. Style dominates over function with some manufacturers.

Come and Talk to Me

Look at the photos and see what can be done.

I am happy to provide estimates. It is free if within some reasonable distance from my shop. If it is not, (you be the judge of that) call me and we can talk about it.


If you have something that needs repair and it is easily transportable, it is certainly going to be less expensive to bring it to us. Customers have paid as little as $10 for a simple repair. Something that looks like a horrible mess to you might end up being easily repairable with the experience, tools, and materials we have.


Damaged finishes sometimes are easy and sometimes what looks like a simple thing requires a lot of work. It needs evaulation. One customer brought a piece in with a finish problem and some 800 grit sandpaper and a can of spray lacquer had them gone in five minutes and I don't think they were charged anything.

This faux-painted desk had little monetary value but a considerable amount of sentimental value. The top has leather inserts. The old ones were dried out and damaged beyond repair but were incredibly difficult to remove.


The desk needed only minor repair to tighten up some of the drawers and replace a few big gouges in the corners. Some of the hardware was missing or badly damaged but almost exact replicas were found and everything was replaced.  The owners didn't realize that the hardware was new.

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